G.O.S.H Co. Website Contract

1.   Authorization. Any customer engaging G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design, a sole

      proprietor, as an independent contractor for the specific project of developing and/or

      improving a World Wide Web. The client also authorizes G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design to help

      register a domain name (if required), and to publicize their completed website.

2.   Standard Website Package Elements. G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design includes the

      following elements in their Standard Website Packages:

   ?  Words of text supplied by the client.

   ?  Photos and other misc. graphic images supplied by client.

   ?  Minor updates and changes to website pages will have a fee of $35.00/month.

   ?  Initial Site publicity G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design will notify the Client when website

      is published.

   ?  E-mail response link on each web page to any e-mail address the client designates.

   ?  Go Daddy account must be setup one week from the date the contract is signed.

3.   Hosting & Maintenance Fee. This agreement includes hosting and minor web page maintenance to regular web

      pages monthly, including updating links and making changes to website minimum of 1-hour.

      This service is provided for $35 a month.

4.   Changes to Submitted Text. Please send us your  final text as soon as possible to ensure

      it will make it on the website.

5.   Web Hosting. The client understands that any website that is designed through G.O.S.H. Co. will be hosted 

through G.O.S.H. Co. 

6.   Completion Date. G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design and the client must work together to

      complete the website in a timely manner. The client must supply G.O.S.H. Co. Website

      Design complete text and graphics content for all webpages contracted for within one month of

      the date this contract was signed. 

7.   Payment of Fees. Fees to G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design are due and payable to G.O.S.H.

      Co. employee.  The start up fee is due in full on the day the contract is signed. The hosting, maintenance and

      update monthly fee of $35 will begin the day the contract is signed as well.

8.   Cancellation. If the monthly payment of $35 for hosting, maintenance and updates is not received

      at ANY time, the website will be removed. The customer will

      lose ALL website content and will NOT be able to get a refund. 

 9.  Legal. G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design does not warrant that the functions contained in these

      operation of or inability to operate these web pages or website, even if G.O.S.H. Co. Website

      Design has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If any provision of this agreement

      shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed

      severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any

      remaining provisions.

10. Copyrights and Trademarks. The client represents to G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design and

      unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks,

      or other artwork furnished to G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design for inclusion in web pages are

      owned by the client, or that the client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of

      these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design from

      any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the client.

11. Laws Affecting Electronic Commerce. From time to time governments enact laws and

      levy taxes and tariffs affecting Internet electronic commerce. The client agrees that the client

      is solely responsible for complying with such laws, taxes, and tariffs, and will hold harmless,

      protect, and defend G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design and its subcontractors from any claim, suit,

      penalty, tax, or tariff arising from the client’s exercise of Internet electronic commerce.

12. Copyright to Web pages. Copyright to the finished assembled work of web pages

      produced by G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design is owned by G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design. After the

      client has been with G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design for 12 months, the client is assigned rights

      to use as a website the design, graphics, and text contained in the finished assembled

      website. Rights to photos, graphics, source code, work-up files, and computer programs are

      specifically not transferred to the client, and remain the property of their respective owners.

      G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design retain the right to display graphics and other Web design

      elements as examples of their work in their respective portfolios.

13. Sole Agreement. The agreement contained in this “Website Design Contract” constitutes

      the sole agreement between G.O.S.H. Co. Website Design and the client regarding this

      website. Any additional work not specified in this contract must be authorized by a written

      change order.

14. Initial Payment and Refund Policy.

      This agreement begins with full payment of the website package and the

      hosting, maintenance and update fee of $35. All sales are final.

15. If monthly payment of $35 is not made when it is due, we will try to collect payment again 5 days

      from the original due date. If payment is not made at that time, the website will be shut down until

      a reinstatement fee of $50 is made as well as the $35 monthly, maintenance and 1-hour update fee is made.